This Monday I began the Skinny Bunny 28 Weight loss Bundle Package. This bundle package includes an AM Weightloss Tea, PM Detox Tea, Diet Guide and Workout Plan all for about $52. I was really upset since I ordered this about two weeks ago and this week Skinny Bunny Tea is now offering the same package for the same price but now including their adorable water bottle which is rarely for sale. Regardless their 28 Day Bundle is a wonderful value and I am excited to see how it works!

I have decided to give this everything I have. I have tried (if only temporarily) lots of weight loss fads but never truly committed to them. While trying the Skinny Bunny Bundle I will limit myself to 0-1 alcoholic beverage per week, no fried foods or soft drinks and try to cut back on gluten and dairy and sugary products. This means giving up a lot of my favorite things, but I want to give myself the best opportunity to make this work.

I also signed up for’s “The Yoga For Beginners Starter Kit” This conveniently happens to be a 28 day long FREE online course that teaches the absolute beginner the basics to a satisfying and smooth yoga practice. I love it is such a wonderful online yoga community that really helps beginners and vets practice yoga at their own pace and convienence.

I will try to document my progress over the next 28 days. My biggest challenge will not only working out as hard as I can but eating healthy. For a gal who loves making comfort food it will be interesting to see what healthy but satisfying recipes I can find/come up with. Stay tuned for workout tips and healthy recipes as I discover and try them.