MADI Apparel

Not much in life is better than looking good and feeling comfortable at the same time, unless of course if by doing this you are also doing good and giving back to others in the process. MADI Apparel has managed to accomplish this. I have been following the MADI apparel Instagram account for some time now. Constantly drooling over their cute and comfy intimates. After … Continue reading MADI Apparel

Ivory Ella

Ivory Ella has been popping up in my “explore posts” section of Instagram for a long time now. Once I started following them I couldn’t get enough. I already had a slight love affair with Elephants, I think it has something to do with the soulful eyes and strong family bonds. When I found out that Ivory Ella sold adorable elephant branded apparel that not only … Continue reading Ivory Ella

Personalized Wedding Bandanas

My friend Alex was recently the maid of honor in her college roommate’s wedding. As part of her speech she talked about how in college they would always have a great time when they wore their bandanas out for the night. We came up with a great idea to give the bride and groom their own personalized bandanas at the end of the speech to signify … Continue reading Personalized Wedding Bandanas