25 Days of Baking

In the past, I have tried my hardest to post a baking recipe for the 25 days of Christmas. And, although this creates some great content for me as a blogger, it isn’t the easiest to plan out a baking calendar for those of you who are following along. So, this year I have decided to combine 25 of my most popular recipes into one post and gift them to you early this year. Merry Christmas and happy baking!

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Italian Sausage Rigatoni Bake

It’s cozy season which means cozy evenings spent indoors around the table with a bottle of good wine and some of our favorite comfort foods.

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Bruschetta Chicken Pasta

With the end of the warmer months means the end of garden-grown produce. This Bruschetta Chicken Pasta will help you use up your end of year harvest.

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Dirt & Worms Pudding Shots

This recipe is the perfect treat to bring out the child in all of us. As a child I loved Dirt & Worms as a special treat I couldn’t wait to bring my grown-up version to life.

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Caramel Apple Party

Caramel apples are a classic fall treat, making them with family and friends can quickly become your favorite autumn activity. Here are some tips, tricks, and fun ideas to throw a create your own caramel apple party!

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