Last weekend I got to throw someone very important to me a surprise birthday party which included candlelight, a dreamy charcuterie & 200 lush balloons.  It was fabulous and when I woke up to the sea of pink I found myself inspired to put together a fun little galantine post for all my Hunkiedorië babes.

I know Valentine’s Day tends to get a bad rep, but I love the holiday. Partially because I am a romantic at heart, but mostly because it serves as an excuse to go crazy with my love for everything pink! When Galentine’s became the trendy new thing to do I was all about it (single lady or not) because let’s be real – this holiday shouldn’t just be for couples in love. So why not reinvent this somewhat exclusive holiday and put a women supporting women spin on it? And I mean .. any excuse to get my favorite women together to sip champagne- I’m in.

Am I throwing a Galentine’s this year? Probably not. Momma has her hands full but if I were, this is an idea of how I’d like to think it could look! And let me just say I do believe it’s actually looking kinda fabulous.

Throwing your own Galentine’s Day Party?

Here’s what I recommend including

  • Valentines- Who remembers picking out your box of valentines for you class party? There was nothing more exciting then getting to show off your personality with your valentines & saving the perfect pun for your crush! Well shopping for your girlfriends is even better because it’s basically like shopping for yourself. Depending on how generous you are feeling you could do anything from a bottle of nail polish to a facemask or a candle. Maybe a gift card to your favorite coffee spot. A bottle of champagne or hell even a scratch off.
  • Charcuterie – Depending on what kind of Galentines you are looking to throw whether it be a champagne brunch or a wine night – a charcuterie is sure to keep your girls sipping & chatting the entire time. I know they are everywhere right now but for good reason. They are versatile & can be entirely custom and unique to your party and personality. My rule of thumb when creating a board is really simple –variety and dimension. Whether I am doing a brunch board a cheese board or a candy board I like to make sure there are options and then I try to layer and add height by utilizing trays, bowls and stands. Whatever kind of board you choose to do you can make it really Valentines-ie by adding rose pedals, candles or little heart candies as festive filler.
  • Candles – Candles are such a chic way to warm up a party and they are romantic which is kind of the vibe we’re going for right? Bonus – they can be super inexpensive. I love the tall white glass ones you can get at the dollar store or even the tea lights.
  • Flowers – Alright ladies if you didn’t know, you’re about to. Costco roses are seriously where it’s at. They always have a variety of colors and I swear they last forever! The best part – they are like 15 bucks for a dozen! Fresh flowers are an amazing detail to add to any party and even better home décor when the parties over.
PRO TIP : Rose Bud Ice cubes are a gorgeous and easy way to dress up a beverage table! Sadly, I didn’t get any great pictures of mine from the party but you can find plenty of how-tos on Pinterest! My biggest tips for creating your own are to use a silicone jumbo cube tray. I purchased mine on Youtube. Make sure to use distilled water only and boil the water & chill before creating your cubes to clean out any impurities in your water.
  • Balloons – I LOVE the balloon garland trend. My husband might even tell you I love it a little too much! I think it makes such a statement and is really easy and inexpensive to create. It used to be something you would want to hire someone to come and create for you but now a days all you need are a few dozen balloons, a balloon strip & some heavy-duty tape (all can be found on Amazon) They even sell kits that supply the balloons and strips for you ranging anywhere from 15-25 bucks. In the past I have – yes blown each individual balloon up on my own and it’s doable but exhausting. I highly recommend an electric pump which ranges from 15- 30 dollars on amazon as well!

I may not have had my girlfriends over for champs & Valentines but I enjoyed the pink dream & charcuterie left overs with my absolute best gal pal & that’s a perfect Galentine’s if you ask me! Thanks for taking some time out of your day to catch up! 

Happy Valentines. XO