A couple weeks ago I had a second date with one of my Hinge boys. He scored huge points when he somehow crammed almost everything we had discussed in date one into our second date. Complete with a trip to Uncle Hugo’s bookshop (post coming next week) and dinner at Ice House, a restaurant I have been dying to try for a long time now. I was so impressed the guy did his research and pulled out all the stops. This was easily one of the dates I’ve ever been on. Every part of the date was kept a surprise, just when I thought it couldn’t get better it did.

As we walked from the car to the mysterious dinner spot I saw about ten places that have been in my adventure book for a while. As it became clear that we were headed to Icehouse I’m pretty sure I began to skip in excitement. My Instagram feed is often filled with stellar images from this hipster joint and I was wishing I had my camera to document what was sure to be an amazing evening.

Ice House Front

Icehouse definitely lived up to the hype! We were greeted by a beaming little hostess who checked our coats and showed us to our spots at the Chefs Bar. My date had reserved us a spot and set us up to do their “5 tastings” menu (home run, I love a man with a plan!) Our culinary guide for the evening came over and greeted us. After a brief discussion about  dietary requirements and drink recommendations the tasting adventure began.

Ice House Bar

I am so impressed with their tastings menu which consists of either a 5 or 10 tasting option. What a perfect way to try out a little bit of everything. Whoever is running their kitchen is an absolute genius. Everything we tried was amazing, it all sounded so fancy it was hard to remember all the names of each different course. I do remember that there was one that featured duck that was my absolute favorite hands down. Along with delicious food and insane aesthetics their drink menu is absolutely killer. Weather you are trying the drinks or just reading the menu you’re guaranteed a good time.

Ice House Music


I was thrilled when I found out our “tastings” adventure came complete with a dessert course. Which consisted of a giant plate filled with a little bit of everything and two spoons, perfect way  for a date to end.

Every since that day anytime a group of friends want to get together I always suggest Ice House. I would love to spend an entire day there enjoying as much of their menu as possible. It looks like the have a phenomenal brunch menu that I have been dying to try.

Ice House entrance

For more information about Ice House you can check out their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. And on your next visit make sure to buy the staff a six pack of beer (yes thats a thing just ask your bartender!) these guys deserve it for the perfection that is the Ice House experience.