My friend Danielle recently moved into her first real home with her very sweet fiancé Dan. 11156271_10152852059763379_4065737694322405018_nThey just had the most beautiful home built this winter and I couldn’t wait to see it for myself. The other night Danielle invited our friend Ashley and myself over to see her new place and have a wine night. I love giving gifts so I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to make a cute little Housewarming Basket for Danielle & Dan.

I was inspired by a scene in one of my favorite movies “It’s a Wonderful Life“. In this scene George and Mary Bailey welcome their friends into their new home by making a speech. To sum up the speech the new home owners are given:
Bread: So the family may never know hunger. Salt: So life may always have flavor. And Wine: That joy and prosperity may flow freely from their house hold.

I found a nice basic basket at the store and spray painted it with a black metallic spray paint to match the neutral tones of the house.  I used my cricut to print off a little sign to hang inside the house with their new address on it. I used one of my painted frames from a previous project for the sign. Also in the basket was a bottle of wine, a loaf of bread, a christmas cactus, a candle and a little crystal jar filled with salt. I made sure to include a little handwritten card also explaining the meaning of the items in the basket since I know a lot of people aren’t as in to black and white movies like I am.


All together this adorable little basket probably cost me around twenty dollars but it was such a fun gift that I felt had my own personal touch to it.