Okay I’m going to try this again, and thanks to my awesome boyfriend I have someone to make sure I stay on track this time. A few months ago I signed up for the #WorkItOut100 Challenge. It is an online health community started by two of my friends from high school that focuses on challenging its followers to workout for 100 days. 

The mission of  #WorkItOut100 is to give its participants a great base for working out. It provides a chance for people looking to develop a more healthy life style to track share and support each other for 100 days. The only requirement is to move everyday for 100 days and share it with the other followers of #WorkItOut100. Their website is packed with fun pictures of the WorkItOut100 Warriors, along with blog posts by Amanda & Laura (the founding members) that will help inspire you and keep you on track through your journey.

I was disappointed with myself for not keeping up with the challenge last time. This time around I am determined to make it 100 days and develop new and healthy habits. Along with moving for 100 days I am going to try and incorporate more healthy eating habits into my daily routine, so keep an eye out for some new and different recipes (rather than my go to comfort foods). For more information about WorkItOut100 check out their website at workitout100.com