Hunkiedorië’s 2023 Bookshelf: January

Another year means another book list. Follow along to be inspired by my monthly reading updates!

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My 2022 Reading List: July (Part 1 of 2)

It seems that I read A LOT in July, so I have broken my normal monthly post into two parts. Part one is all Ruby Dixon, I have listed the books in my recommended reading order for the Risdaverse/Corsair books.

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This week the Hunk gals hit up the opening night of the Minnesota Zoo’s Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular. This spooktacular adventure runs at the Minnesota Zoo from October 4th through Halloween.

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2022 Halloween Reading List

Halloween is creeping in around us, and what better time than now to explore a new book? I am a big fan of Science-Fiction and Fantasy books, so this month is a great time to share my favorite books perfect for the Halloween season.

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My 2022 Reading List: June

Each month my books get progressively darker and or spicier. I am starting to recognize the need for rotation in my genres after this month. I need to find some more levity in my reading next month. More dark romance this month, meaning the spice level may be uncomfortably high for many readers, proceed to this post with caution.

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