#WednesdayWall : Siren Call

Today my bestie Alicia and I braved the first snow of the season to capture these gorgeous shots.Adam Turman is quickly becoming one of my favorite illustrators. I have found that many of the murals I am drawn to around town are his pieces. For more information on Turman you can check out his website or follow him on Instagram or Tumblr. Alicia has been a … Continue reading #WednesdayWall : Siren Call

Wednesday Wall Ghost Ship

Today my friend Britt and I ventured into Minneapolis to capture some shots with one of my favorite murals in the state.  I don’t get to see Brittany nearly as often as I would like but every time I do I get serious style envy. This girl is so effortlessly cool I knew she would be a perfect model for this moody wall.   For … Continue reading Wednesday Wall Ghost Ship


This week the Hunk gals hit up the opening night of the Minnesota Zoo’s Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular. This spooktacular adventure runs at the Minnesota Zoo from October 4th through Halloween. An enchanted forest, nestled in the heart of the Zoo, plays host to this strolling exhibit. This exhibit features over 5,000 illuminated pumpkins of all different shapes, sizes, and designs creatively carved and displayed. Everywhere you … Continue reading Spooktacular-Spectacular

Giving: The Hunkiedorië Harvest Party Inspiration

Throwing the perfect fall dinner party is much easier than you might think and even better it can be budget friendly when you utilize your local Goodwill. For the past couple of years, I have thrown my own fall dinner party called the Hunkiedorië Harvest Party, and each year it gets bigger and more fabulous. All the décor at my party I have either made myself … Continue reading Giving: The Hunkiedorië Harvest Party Inspiration

2nd Annual Hunkiedorië Harvest Party, Looking Back

The fall is a time for harvest and gathering together with the people you love. I have two large friend groups that mean the world to me. When I am asked what I am most grateful for I always am quick to answer. I am thankful for the strong bonds I have developed with my friends, I believe I am truly blessed to have such … Continue reading 2nd Annual Hunkiedorië Harvest Party, Looking Back

#WednesdayWall: The Sun Sets on Summer

This week my roomie Emiley and I enjoyed the last days of the Minneapolis Passport Program in style. Hitting up one of the friendliest patios in the twin cities and ordering what felt like their entire drink menu. There’s nothing like tropical vibes and fruity drinks to close out summer. Not only did we kill two birds with one stone, a passport adventure and a … Continue reading #WednesdayWall: The Sun Sets on Summer

#WednesdayWall : Shake It Off

This week my sister and I enjoyed the last days of the Minneapolis Passport Program in style. We enjoyed milkshakes and burgers at one of our favorite spots and had to take advantage of their stunningly colorful walls. For this shoot, Zoë is wearing three layers of Pop Art Pink topped off with Pearl Gloss. You can find this wall at Hi-Lo Diner in Minneapolis. … Continue reading #WednesdayWall : Shake It Off

#WednesdayWall : Under Da Sea

This week I took my bestie Alicia out for a downtown adventure. Alicia has always given me serious Ariel vibes so it only made sense that I take my little mermaid to an underwater themed wall. For this shoot, Alicia is wearing one layer of Samon and two layers of Aussie Rose topped off with Orchid Gloss. You can find this wall at the Uptown … Continue reading #WednesdayWall : Under Da Sea

#WednesdayWall : She’s A Butterfly

This week brings us a new wall and an opportunity for me to test out one of my new LipSense colors. This past year during our 4th of July cabin week, my friend Danielle of Minne Pristine & Co. introduced me to Samon. I color I wouldn’t have given a second glance, looking construction cone orange in the tube. I fell in love with its … Continue reading #WednesdayWall : She’s A Butterfly

#WednesdayWall : Wine Not?

I first met my friend Emiley at a wine tasting and from that moment on I knew that this girl and I were meant to be friends. We ended up roommates for two years and she is one of the main reasons I am so hooked on SceneGence products. Many of our roomie nights consisted of cracking open a bottle from our wine subscription and … Continue reading #WednesdayWall : Wine Not?