Mighty Miley: Turks & Caicos

This past November I was lucky enough to be asked by my dear friend to be her plus one for an all-expenses-paid trip to Turks and Caicos to celebrate all of her work achievements! Who could turn that down?! By the way, shout out to my friend Courtney for working her tail off and being nice enough to pick me! We decided to head down … Continue reading Mighty Miley: Turks & Caicos

#WednesdayWall: Aloooooha

I guess it’s time for me to make an appearance in my own  #WednesdayWall series. I spent the last week in Hawaii and it was hard not to be inspired by the beautiful landscapes and vibrant street art so I plucked up the courage to finally get in front of the camera. For this shoot, I am wearing three layers of  Samon topped off with … Continue reading #WednesdayWall: Aloooooha

#WednesdayWall: Winter Wonderland

For this week’s #WednesdayWall I am happy to introduce you to the two newest members of the Hunkiedorieë team, Emiley (MightyMiley) & Tina (T_Fit_Twin). As Hunkiedorië grows and I chase a million different goals I knew it was time to add to the team to bring you even better content in 2019. These ladies pack a real punch in their posts specializing in fitness, travel, breweries … Continue reading #WednesdayWall: Winter Wonderland

Hop Passport: Pryes Brewing Company

This year I am partnering with Hop Passport to get out and explore like never before. The Hop Passport is the gateway to great beer in 11 different states. The 2019 Hop Passport enables holders to BOGO beer from some of their favorite brewers. The Minnesota passport features 68 breweries across the state, plus a few guest breweries from other states to make the total … Continue reading Hop Passport: Pryes Brewing Company

#WednesdayWall : Dareen the Beauty Queen

For this week’s #WednesdayWall my little sister Zoë brought along her friend Dareen who is visiting from Jordan. We pushed Dareen out of her cozy comfort zone and drug her out in cold temperatures to see what modeling for Hunkiedorië is all about. For this shoot, Dareen is wearing three layers of B Ruby topped off with Bougainvillea Gloss. You can find this wall at Young Joni in … Continue reading #WednesdayWall : Dareen the Beauty Queen

#WednesdayWall : This is Halloween

For this week’s #WednesdayWall my very own Pumpkin Queen and her Dash-ing Prince joined me on an adventure out to the Halloween Capital of the World. Working with my crazy talented friend Cassie of the Cassie at Home blog is always a treat. This trick-ed out Halloween wall in Anoka is absolutely spooktacular. For this shoot, Cassie is wearing one layer of Violet Volt layered with two … Continue reading #WednesdayWall : This is Halloween

#WednesdayWall : I Put A Spell On You

My little sister Zoë has been such a good sport for my new #WednesdayWall series. This week we adventured out to a wall perfectly suited for my little witch. Since day one Zoë has enchanted everyone who crosses her path. There is just something magical about this little girl, no one can resist her, and looking at these pictures it’s easy to see why.   … Continue reading #WednesdayWall : I Put A Spell On You

#WednesdayWall : Siren Call

Today my bestie Alicia and I braved the first snow of the season to capture these gorgeous shots.Adam Turman is quickly becoming one of my favorite illustrators. I have found that many of the murals I am drawn to around town are his pieces. For more information on Turman you can check out his website or follow him on Instagram or Tumblr. Alicia has been a … Continue reading #WednesdayWall : Siren Call